Patient Resources on Biochemical Imbalances

Patient Resources on Biochemical Imbalances

Patient Resources: Find information on our research, presentations, and educational videos.

Learn about Advanced Nutrient Therapy, ADHD and Behavioral Disorders, Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Biochemical Individuality, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Diet and Nutrition, Epigenetics, Methylation MTHFR and Genetic Testing, Pyrrole Disorder, and Schizophrenia/ Schizoaffective Disorder.

Downloads and Links

This page lists content organized by topic, and is a helpful resource for new and existing patients. Each resource is linked to a downloadable file, a link to a website, or video that gives more detailed educational advice about biochemical imbalances and individualized targeted Advanced Nutrient Therapy.

Patient Resources on Important Forms for Download

New Patient Health History Form Packet DOWNLOAD

Monthly Patient Progress Report Form  DOWNLOAD

Phase 1 Patient Compliance Calendar  DOWNLOAD

Phase 2 Patient Compliance Calendar  DOWNLOAD


Patient Resources on Advanced Nutrient Therapy

A Drug-Free Approach to Correcting Biochemical Imbalances CLICK TO LISTEN

The Effectiveness of Targeted Nutrient Therapy in Treatment of Mental Illness (Walsh Research Institute)  DOWNLOAD

Drug-Free Nutrient Therapy to Heal Brain Imbalances (Walsh Research Institute)  DOWNLOAD

Nutrient Therapy for Mental Illness (Walsh Research Institute)  DOWNLOAD
Treating Mental and Behavioral Disorders with Nutrient Therapy DOWNLOAD
Phase 1 at home Patient Compliance Calendar DOWNLOAD
Phase 2 at home Patient Compliance Calendar DOWNLOAD

Patient Resources on ADHD & Behavioral Disorders

A Proposal for the Prevention of School Shootings (Walsh Research Institute)   DOWNLOAD
Elevated Blood Copper/Zinc Ratios in Assaultive Young Males (Walsh Research Institute)  DOWNLOAD
Reduced Violent Behavior Following Biochemical Therapy (Walsh Research Institute)  DOWNLOAD
Proposal for the Prevention of School Shootings  DOWNLOAD
School Shootings in the US: Are SSRI Drugs to Blame for Gun Violence? DOWNLOAD
Nutrient Therapy for ADHD & Behavior Disorders by William J. Walsh, PhD  DOWNLOAD
Natural Solutions for Children with Attention Difficulties, Behavioral and Learning Challenges WATCH VIDEO

Patient Resources on Alzheimer’s Disease

Early Alzheimer’s Disease Care and Preventative Treatment  DOWNLOAD
Alzheimer’s Disease by William J. Walsh, PhD  DOWNLOAD
Unlocking the Truth about Alzheimer’s, Cognitive Impairment & Dementia  WATCH VIDEO

Metallothionein: Forgotten Antioxidant: Missing Puzzle Piece For Alzheimer’s & Leaky?  DOWNLOAD

Patient Resources on Autism Spectrum Disorder

A Comprehensive Approach to Biochemical Interventions in Treating Children on the Autism Spectrum  WATCH VIDEO

Listen to Dr. Mensah discuss autism and Asperger’s on internet talk radio program “A New Spin on Autism: Answers!”

Disordered Metal Metabolism in a Large Autism Population (Walsh Research Institute)  DOWNLOAD

Oxidative Stress, Undermethylation and Epigenetics – The Bermuda Triangle of Autism by William J. Walsh, PhD  DOWNLOAD
Oxidative Stress in Autism Spectrum Disorders by William J. Walsh, PhD  DOWNLOAD
Autism: Tornado in the Brain by William J. Walsh, PhD  DOWNLOAD

Patient Resources on Biochemical Individuality

Biochemical Individuality and Nutrition DOWNLOAD
Gain Control of Your Biochemistry with William J. Walsh, PhD DOWNLOAD Transcript and WATCH VIDEO
Biochemical Imbalances in Mental Health Populations by William J. Walsh, PhD  DOWNLOAD
Zinc & Copper Imbalances:  Immense Biochemical Implications  DOWNLOAD

Patient Resources on Bipolar Disorder

Advanced Nutrient Therapies for Bipolar Disorders by William J. Walsh, PhD  WATCH VIDEO

Patient Resources on Depression

Anxiety and Depression – Treating the Root Cause Rather Than Symptoms  WATCH VIDEO
New Blood and Urine Tests Find 5 Distinct Types of Depression, Researcher Says  DOWNLOAD
Depression Presentation by William J. Walsh, PhD  DOWNLOAD
Elevated Serum Copper Levels in Women with a History of Postpartum Depression (Walsh Research Institute)  DOWNLOAD
Hidden Copper Overload – What Women Should Know About Metal Toxicity  WATCH VIDEO
Epigenetic Mechanisms of Depression  DOWNLOAD

Patient Resources on Diet & Nutrition

20 Years of Fatigue – Gone!  DOWNLOAD
Debunking the Detox Myth – How Food Affects Your Unique Biochemistry  WATCH VIDEO

Dr. Albert Mensah Podcast on Why Vegetables Might Not Be For You:

Patient Resources on Epigenetics

Can We Change Our Mental Health Genes?  By Hyla Cass, MD DOWNLOAD
An Explorer’s Guide to Epigenetics  DOWNLOAD
Epigenetics 101 by William J. Walsh, PhD  DOWNLOAD
Epigenetics Presentation by William J. Walsh, PhD  DOWNLOAD
Epigenetics as a Source of  Mental Health Dysfunction and the Nutrient- based Solution by William J. Walsh, PhD  DOWNLOAD
Material nutrition at conception modulates DNA methylation of human metastable epialleles  DOWNLOAD

Patient Resources on Methylation, MTHFR and Genetic Testing

MTHFR and Mental Health: Understanding the Overall Effect of Individual Genetic Mutations by Dr. Albert Mensah WATCH VIDEO

Dr. Albert Mensah Podcast on Overmethylation and Undermethylation:

The Role of Methylation and Epigenetics in Brain Disorders by William J. Walsh, PhD WATCH VIDEO
Methylation, Epigenetics & Nutrigenomics: Identifying & Correcting The Core Issues In Disease  DOWNLOAD
Mental Illness or Methylation Mutation?  DOWNLOAD

Patient Resources on Pyrrole Disorder

Pyrrole Disorder- a Possible Biochemical Cause of Bipolar, DMDD  DOWNLOAD

Facts & Myths About Pyrrole Disorder: Dr. Mensah Answers Your Questions  WATCH VIDEO  DOWNLOAD PDF

Discerning the Mauve Factor, Part 1 (Walsh Research Institute)  DOWNLOAD
Discerning the Mauve Factor, Part 2 (Walsh Research Institute)  DOWNLOAD

Patient Resources on Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia: An Orthomolecular Approach to Re-Balancing Brain and Body Chemistry  WATCH VIDEO
Schizophrenia Presentation by William J. Walsh, PhD  DOWNLOAD
Schizophrenia and Fatty Acids (Walsh Research Institute)  VIEW ARTICLE
The Walsh Theory of Schizophrenia (Walsh Research Institute) VIEW ARTICLE

Resource Websites with Additional Information:

Walsh Research Institute:  William J. Walsh, PhD
DHA Laboratory
Physician Education: Walsh Research Institute (USA, Canada and Europe) and Bio-Balance Health (Australia)
Nutritional Counseling and Health Coaching: Samantha Gilbert, BA, CHNP
Mensah Medical Video Library:

Recommended Reading: “Nutrient Power: Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain” by William J. Walsh, PhD