ADD and ADHD Alternative Treatment Options

ADD and ADHD Alternative Treatment Options

ADD and ADHD alternative treatment at Mensah Medical is a popular alternative to prescription stimulant medication. We believe that a natural approach should be seriously considered before agreeing to place your child on a stimulant medication. It is a safer and more ethical way to “normalize” a child with attention challenges. After a careful evaluation of the child’s symptoms, family history, and environment, and results from specialized lab testing, Mensah physicians write a prescription for an individualized nutrient therapy protocol.

About  Our ADD and ADHD Alternative Treatment

Mensah Medical’s ADD and ADHD alternative treatment protocols are individualized to the child’s unique biochemistry and other factors, such as height and weight. Our ADD and ADHD alternative treatment is aimed at normalizing biochemistry in the body. Our ADD and ADHD alternative therapy program is not a “one size fits all” that we prescribe for all patients. What makes Mensah Medical unique is the individualization we provide for each patient. All our ADD and ADHD patients have unique biotypes and we use diagnostic testing to determine the best ADD and ADHD alternative treatment protocol for each person. Because we recognize that taking capsules may be difficult, our individualized nutrient therapy can be also be taken in liquid or powder form without additives and food coloring. A popular flavor is bubblegum!


Has your child been diagnosed or do you suspect that your child has learning, disability or behavioral issues?

New guidelines make it easier for doctors to diagnose ADHD in children as young as age four, yet many parents, educators and health experts believe the condition is over-diagnosed. While there is ample evidence to support stimulant medication, medicating children is not something to embrace without much thought and research. Stimulant medication may alter brain chemistry and physiology, and comes with some “costs” – side effects and medication-intolerance. Side effects include agitation, sleeplessness, anxiety and even motor tics. In addition, as a child grows, so does their brain. What may have worked at one time, may no longer work in another year.

ADD and ADHD Alternative Treatment Options for Adults

Children outgrow ADD and ADHD in only about one third of cases. Some have mild symptoms that may surface only during times of stress. Some adults with ADD and ADHD have significant issues which persist into adulthood and need to be treated. At Mensah Medical we test patients for other conditions responsible for symptoms of ADD and ADHD, and treat them through nutrient therapy to help alleviate symptoms.

Adults with ADD and ADHD should consider our individualized targeted nutrient therapy if they can answer yes to at least four of the following questions:

  1. Do you have trouble listening?
  2. Are you more excitable than others?
  3. Are you easily distracted?
  4. Are you particularly forgetful?
  5. Are you chronically late?
  6. Do you have difficulties prioritizing projects?
  7. Do you have trouble beginning a task or project?
  8. Do you problems controlling your emotions?