Patient Testimonials on Advanced Nutrient Therapy

Patient Testimonials on Advanced Nutrient Therapy

Patient testimonials are both heartwarming and inspiring for the physicians, nurses, and staff at Mensah Medical. We thoroughly enjoy hearing your many wonderful stories about how Advanced Nutrient Therapy has positively impacted your lives. Because this integrative and nutrient-based medical treatment protocol is one that requires commitment over a period of 3 phases of treatment, many new patients in their early stages of treatment can greatly benefit from phase 3 patient testimonials. If you have been there and can offer a word of encouragement to our newest patients who are in their darkest hour, please take a few minutes and fill out our patient testimonials form. It will make a huge difference in someone’s journey.

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For 24 years, I suffered from depression, anxiety, fear, self-criticism, low self-esteem, and fatigue. Menopause just magnified my problems.  I just kept trying different psychological and medical professionals, to find answers.  My journey took me through psychotherapy, counseling, meditation, medication, and various alternative therapies.  Two years ago, my friend suggested I might benefit from seeing a doctor who had been trained in utilizing advanced nutrient therapies with William Walsh, PhD.   After undergoing thorough assessment, I started on a regime tailored specially to my needs.  I am delighted to report that my symptoms have leveled down to a more normal response to a specific stressor.  I am feeling more grounded and stressful situations no longer unhinge me the way they used to.  Thank you and God bless Mensah Medical team for giving people a chance to live a normal life!

– Mary from Maryland

I had been suicidal since August 2011, right after I took the antidepressants prescribed by an arrogant doctor who claimed it was my personality, not the drug he gave me that made me feel that way. Luckily he abandoned me so I did not have to keep taking those poisons. I was left on my own, of course with my loving husband, mother and wonderful kids. I knew I could not passively follow the doctors and I decided to do my own research. Thanks to an author and her book, I found the right treatment to my mental illness. I also started to do research on orthomolecular medicine, which is good for so many other conditions. I am a 43-year-old Chinese first generation immigrant. I had been suffering from depression since my teenager years back in China. I have been through many holistic treatments, and I never learned what exact imbalances I had until I had the exam and treatments from the Mensah Medical Center in Chicago. I was lucky enough to learn that the Pfeiffer treatment center was changed hands a few years ago, and the two doctors who were trained directly by Dr. Walsh are now at Mensah Medical Center. In fact, it was Dr. Walsh who replied my husband’s email so that we could find the right place! In any case, thank you very much for giving the crucial information that lead to my recovery. I understand my full recovery will take 6 months, but I am lucky enough to feel so good just in less than one month. My energy level is at its best!

– Energy up and No Longer Suicidal

Mensah Medical has been the biggest blessing of my life! My now 11 year old son had horrible mood swings, behaviors and anxiety that was debilitating. His response to meds was extremely poor and nothing helped. Tests showed extreme high histamine (147) among other issues ( high copper, low zinc). He has responded beautifully to his Mensah protocol and it has been 4 years. We retest 2 x a year and we absolutely love and trust both Dr Mensah and Dr Bowman. They are brilliant and understand my son’s issues. I also was tested since it’s genetic and while I was nowhere as severe as my son, I feel much, much better. If you or a loved one struggles with bipolar, depression, ADHD, autism, postpartum depression, dementia, or any other brain imbalance, I urge you to contact Mensah Medical. Their care has been unbelievable and I strongly believe their clinic (or anyone who is directly trained by William Walsh) are the only ones who understand exactly how to successfully treat these issues.

-High Histamine Treatment Success

 We went to Mensah Medical physicians personally trained by Dr. Walsh about 6 months ago, my son (age 2 1/2) was diagnosed moderate to severe Autistic with PDD 1 year ago and the nutrient treatments have changed our lives. Improved speech, social skills, physical function, eye contact, sleeping patterns, sensory feedback have all improved and we have hope that he will make a full recovery with mainstream education by age 6. My son’s teachers are astounded at his progress! Thank you Dr. Walsh for your research and your heart for autistic kids.

-Autism Child School Success Story

Mensah Medical is saving my family every single day. My 5 year old son is almost a normal kid now, after being diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. He had delayed fine motor skills and serious anger / tantrum issues resulting from high anxiety. Myself and my 3 year old daughter are Mensah Medical patients as well, and noticeably happier and healthier too. THANK YOU MENSAH MEDICAL!

-Grateful Family Seeing Success

My 17 yo son was diagnosed with pyroluria and overmethylation/low histamine. We went to Mensah Medical Center and used His pyrrole count was wnl, but Drs. Mensah & Bowman diagnosed him anyway, I think because he had other labs that supported that diagnosis. (I’m so glad we didn’t do this on our own). He is the poster child for this disorder. His first nervous breakdown was at 12 yrs, second was at 16 yrs. He considered himself a freak that would never be happy. His moods have always been nasty. He was a suicide-waiting-to-happen. We tried EVERYTHING.

These diagnoses were a shock- to think that there really was a way out of this is WOW… We got our 2 individualized supplements from Village Green Apothecary (total of 10 capsules) and we are about a month into it. It is VERY slow going – a snail’s pace. After so many years of being starved from nutrients and forcing his body to work a certain way, it becomes a long, tough, uncomfortable road back. His body doesn’t want to accept much of a good thing (the nurse says specifically the niacinamide and the folic acid), even though he is only taking 1 capsule and even titrating that very slowly. Bringing his copper and free copper down evidently causes bad mood/anxiety and just looks like nothing good is happening.

Then- a decent/good day, and we have a huge celebration! He never had that before – one normal day in the life of this boy and we have hope again. We call the drs for advice and they tell us that this is exactly how it works and that he will be feeling lots of things, good and bad, as his body adjusts. I believe them. His last month has been better than the rest of his life, even though it is a rocky road.

I NEVER could have supplemented him myself. Perhaps if it was me and not my kid with a very tricky body chemistry. We still have challenges. He is a teen boy who has been sick for years, has no interest in fixing his diet, relies on food for comfort, has little hope (but thankfully he is compliant). To write about the heartbreak, the money, the doctors, and medications we’ve tried before Mensah Medical would be a book. I am looking to help and encourage others. Also, for someone’s success story so that I can show it to my son for encouragement.

-Finally seeing a Change in our Teen Son Who has Struggled for Years

For more than twenty-five years I suffered from anxiety, catastrophic panic attacks, depression, and mood swings. I seemed caught in a ghastly 5 year cycle where I would work hard, feeling that at last I had beaten my demons, only to have them resurface with a vengeance after a prolonged period of stress. Down I would go like a pack of cards, unable to work or tolerate the stress of social interaction for periods of up to 15 months to two years…..

At one point I contemplated suicide because I couldn’t see any future…..

My journey took me through psychotherapy, counseling, hypnosis, meditation, medication, massage and various alternative therapies….. In March 2007 a psychologist friend suggested I might benefit from seeing a Doctor who had training in nutritional medicine with Dr. William Walsh. After undergoing thorough assessment at Mensah Medical I started on a regime tailored specially to my metabolic needs…..

I am delighted to report that the floating anxiety has calmed right down….. I am feeling more grounded and stressful situations no longer unhinge me the way they used to.

My “Monkey-Mind” thought processes also seem to be less chaotic so I can think straight. Best of all – over a period of months and under supervision of my psychiatrist, I have been able to decrease my dosage of Dexamphetamine from 20 mg daily to 5 mg per day, with the aim of eventually ceasing the medication altogether! I still suffer from fatigue and sleep disturbance but we’re working on that….. Life is looking good!

-Feeling Grounded on Advanced Nutrient Therapy

Psychiatrists and family members told us we needed to have our son permanently committed to the state mental hospital. He was in eight different medical facilities within a three-month period.  After 18 months of traditional treatment for our son (he was so sedated we had to feed him) and noticing a marked improvement with dietary changes, we took our son to the Mensah Medical Clinic in Warrenville, IL a year ago. Drs. Mensah and Bowman, you ever have time, you might look back at the photograph you took of our son the day we brought him in.  It’s been a year now. He’s back to work, and loves his job. Thank you really isn’t enough.

– Happy at Last in Connecticut

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