Our Biomedical Clinic in Warrenville: Take a Virtual Tour

Our Biomedical Clinic in Warrenville: Take a Virtual Tour

Our Biomedical Clinic is for patients experiencing health issues from brain-changing nutrient imbalances such as autism, anxiety, AD(H)D, depression, mood swings, bipolar, eating disorders, OCD, pyrrole disorder (pyroluria), methylation disorders, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s and/or Parkinson’s Disease. Our integrative approach to medical care bridges the gap between traditional medicine and natural medicine based on biochemical evaluation, research, and extensive clinical experience. Children, teens, and adults meet with our caring physicians who target underlying causes of health issues from brain-changing imbalances with targeted Advanced Nutrient Therapy at Mensah Medical biomedical clinic.

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Why Choose a Biomedical Clinic?

The body and the brain are a giant chemical factory. We have a blueprint which is our DNA and when it is shifted, we can end up with imbalances that can have very negative health impacts. To correct these imbalances, the physicians at our biomedical clinic test for imbalances in micronutrients, minerals, and some metals and treat them with highly individualized vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

More about our Clinic

The initial appointment at our biomedical clinic takes about two hours and includes a relevant health history, physical examination, biochemical consultations and recommendations from Albert Mensah, MD, and Judith Bowman, MD Specialized laboratory testing is ordered through DHA Laboratory to assist in identifying biochemistry. Following each appointment, patients receive health support through regular communication with the Mensah Medical biomedical clinic health care team.

Patients are seen at our Main Clinic in Warrenville, Illinois (approximately 25 miles west of Chicago) or at U.S. Outreach Clinics. U.S. Outreach Clinics are located near San Francisco and Los Angeles, and in Scottsdale, AZ and Annapolis, MD. If you’d like more information about our clinic, read about the conditions we treat.

To get an appointment with our physicians, call our main clinic at: (630) 256-8308.