Mensah Medical’s CustomCoRx (™) and Advanced Nutrient Therapy

Mensah Medical’s CustomCoRx (™) and Advanced Nutrient Therapy

What is Advanced Nutrient Therapy? Advanced Nutrient Therapy is a fancy term for custom made nutrients. Rather than purchase vitamins and minerals at a health food store in various amounts and combinations, our patients are given a custom blend based on specific lab testing. We use various labs to determine our patient’s unique biochemical individuality and imbalances that may be affecting their behavior, mood, development, and mental well-being. In short, our CustomCoRx (™) is a form of Advanced Nutrient Therapy. It is an individualized vitamin, mineral, and amino acid prescription that we use to treat biochemical imbalances that cause various mental disorders. 

Our Advanced Nutrient Therapy treats conditions such as:

What to Expect

What is Advanced Nutrient Therapy? It is Individualized custom made nutrient supplements based on specific lab testing.What is advanced nutrient therapy clinical experience like? Mensah Medical completes a comprehensive medical evaluation on each patient that visits our clinic. We look at the patient’s clinical history, observe the patient’s behaviors during the visit, and look for mood and physical symptoms. Our clinical visit also includes a brief physical examination.

At the end of the clinical visit, laboratory testing is ordered. Patient lab results are used to determine individual nutritional deficiencies and overloads. Using these lab results, our physicians formulate a treatment plan with the proper dosing of specific nutrients required to repair and restore brain health. We review your current medications, if you are on them, and we also evaluate possible interactions with the supplements.

Why Individualized, Targeted Advanced Nutrient Therapy Works

What is advanced nutrient therapy protocol like? The nutritional therapies that Mensah Medical provides go beyond taking over-the-counter multi-vitamins, trial-and-error single supplements or changing one’s diet. While a healthy diet is important, it cannot compensate the adequate amount of nutrients that the brain needs to function. For example, for some, it may be physically impossible to consume bushels of oranges to correct a Vitamin C deficiency. Fortunately, with an understanding of Advanced Nutrient Therapy, an individual’s specific biochemistry and imbalances can be properly identified and treated successfully. Keep in mind that taking the dosages daily is paramount to achieve optimal well-being.

The History of Advanced Nutrient Therapy

What is advanced nutrient therapy from an historical perspective? The early pioneers in nutritional treatment of mental illness including Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD, and Carl Pfeiffer, MD, PhD, found success in treating mental illnesses using high doses of selected nutritional supplements. The original Pfeiffer Treatment Center (now closed) and the work of William J. Walsh, PhD, continued Dr. Pfeiffer’s work and found that biochemical imbalances are the underlying cause of behaviors found in many common learning, mood and behavioral illnesses – AD(H)D, autism, behavior disorders, depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s disease. Mensah Medical physicians advance the revolutionary work of Dr. Walsh and other nutritional pioneers by using Dr. Walsh’s nutrient therapy system in clinical practice. They work closely with Walsh Research Institute updating therapies and protocols, initiating new, cutting-edge paradigms, and serving as clinical instructors for WRI’s international doctor training programs in Australia, Ireland and other countries.

What is Advanced Nutrient Therapy for Patients?

Read more in-depth information about Advanced Nutrient therapy in our Patient Resources as well as an informative article on Biochemical Imbalances. Both pages give more detailed information about this natural, safe, and effective alternative to pharmaceuticals for patients with many mental health disorders.

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